BreathWorks Academy

Certification Course

Join Sky Bear in a six-month BreathWorks Academy Certification Course focused on training you to become a Breathwork Facilitator. A course designed to train you in everything you will need to know to move into the power of Breathwork Facilitation.

In this sixt-month course, we will explore the world of Breathwork and its relationship with human psychology and physiology. Learning how to use the Breath to bring us into non-ordinary states of consciousness for healing and self-development.
This course is designed to hold you accountable for the progress you are looking to create in your journey as a teacher and guide.

Come and be a part of a community of others cultivating their self-development and facilitation skills. A chance to step into a new version of yourself with intention and drive. A space to learn, connect and grow together.

In the commitment to ourselves, we lay the seeds of change.

“So grateful for everything over the last 13+ weeks! I have really enjoyed all of the course content and I seriously loved doing the exam (even though I was a little nervous) . It felt so good doing it and it felt even better seeing my clients have such a good experience.”

Rachel Maksimovic

“I feel that this is exactly what I needed to begin working with clients and change the lives of many people.”

Jeanine Acca

“Such a incredible experience and extremely fulfilling!”

Hannah Vashaw

“This course has changed the trajectory of my life and I am eternally grateful.”

Christine Czajka

“I absolutely loved it all of it and I’m so grateful that I invested in your course. Your knowledge, your wisdom & the way in which you deliver all the content was incredibly professional, powerful and very informative. You have a true gift Sky Bear and you are truly inspirational.”

Kirsten Duggan

"I love that this is not only spiritual but its proven with the science behind it. I'm so glad your training is now a part of my journey. It's had a huge impact on me mentally and physically since October and i've done more healing i have ever in my life since October, than i have prior to. I'm so passionate about continuing to study breathwork and share the knowledge”

Gee Ganesh

"I feel so grateful to have experienced this course and to have had the opportunity to learn from you!
The whole experience was just really beautiful and stress free and carried me through a quite difficult period in my life which ironically enough made my breathwork practice even more impactful to me."

Taylor Johnson

“I've learned a lot about myself through this process and it feels good to take control of my own healing journey through another modality, that I can use to help others as I step into the facilitator space.”

Paulina Ondarza Dovali

Creating the container

To make the best of our time together, we will set our commitments, connect with accountability partners, receive our reflection exercises, required resources, and more!

Laying the foundation

Exploring the human experience and its fundamental frameworks, we will learn how to optimize our lives to create a high vibrational living to become the best facilitator we can be.

Creating connections and prepping for success

Here we will explore the communication between our potential clients and us. Learning how to book clients and prepare for a successful session.

The preparation

Here we will learn how to prepare for our session with our clients, equipping them with everything they will need to know for a safe and powerful Breathwork journey.

The activation

Here we will develop our understanding of guiding our clients through the activated Breath, exploring the extremities, the sensitivities and traumas that can arise, and how to navigate our clients through the experience safely.

The integration

Closing the training, we will highlight the importance of Integration and how to use integration techniques to leave clients well equipped to move from your session back into their everyday lives.

Final Exam

Certification is not guaranteed, and you will be required to submit a recorded session for review before receiving the certificate of completion.

"Amazing experience on SkyBears Breathwork course! I dove deep into myself, learning the tools, the experience and sharing it with others. Bear has a great energy, full of extensive information and experience to share with us."


“Before this course I didn't really know what power breathing has and how it can help in so many aspects of life - not only physically but also mentally. It's a tool that really helps. I'm so grateful that I stumbled across Skybear's Breathwork Facilitation Course. Skybear has a huge knowledge and a fundamental background with breathwork facilitation. I also loved his very grounded and yet passionate way of teaching.”


“I learned so much during my time with Skybear. I didn’t just learn about breathwork, I also learned so much about myself and how to connect with others in a safe and supported way. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of breathwork and wanting to become a facilitator.”


“I loved studying the course, the level of information was a lot deeper than I was expecting and it’s led me to learn a lot more about my self than I thought! You can really feel the passion that you have for this and the work that you do, and you also do an amazing job each week of brining people together and creating a great learning space. I am very thankful for the new skill I have which has helped me personally in coping with stress, releasing stress and helping me sleep. I am very thankful for this experience and looking forward to using and sharing this technique going forward.”


“I really enjoyed the course. It allowed me to take my understanding of Breathwork to the next level and to develop my confidence and skills to become a facilitator. I looked forward to the calls each week, and enjoyed the extra resources that were suggested.”


“I wasn’t expecting Skybear’s breath work course to be quite as Transformational as it was on a personal level.   The level of information and insights he also gave were beyond what I thought and have been instrumental in taking my own and business development to the next level.”


“Just finished the Breathwork facilitation program by Sky Bear, it was such a life changing experience for me, It was so profound and I learned fundamental lessons about the Breath and its wisdom, the program in and of itself is a weaving of Breathwork, psychology and spirituality, not to mention that Sky teaches from his embodied wisdom, he is very knowledgeable, resourceful and well rounded in terms of healing and Traum informed care, this program is a real treasure and I highly recommend it.”

Nada Ali

Loved my experience, Sky’s energy and knowledge are a vibe!!! I’ve learned so much, got all the support possible even weeks after the course is finished


“Sky Bear’s breath work course gave me a strong foundation of understanding, while also holding lots of space for exploration. Being new to breath work, I was nervous to facilitate for the first time. Each lesson built my courage piece by piece. This new knowledge allowed my first facilitation for my sister to be an expansive, heart opening and really joyful experience.”


“Skybear’s breathwork facilitator course is EPIC, it’s life changing and delivered straight from Skybear’s heart. This course has transformed my life, and has powerfully changed the lives of the many people I have guided in the past 6 months. The course empowered me to go on to be a confident and knowledgeable Breathwork facilitator. I love the opportunity that this course gifted me, and I am deeply grateful to Skybear for his continued support.”


“Skybears breathwork certification class left me feeling well educated, activated, inspired and confident in sharing this life changing work with others.”


“SkyBears course has changed how I experience life. Learning how to navigate emotional, physical & mental landscapes using our breath has enabled me to connect to myself and others on a whole new level. SkyBear holds such a supportive learning space and delivers a wealth of knowledge so passionately it’s incredible. I’ve developed skills that enable me to facilitate breathwork journeys with others, each journey creating its own magic.”


"The time I participated in Sky Bear‘s Breathwork Teacher Training felt deeply empowering, insightful and important. He is a soul and teacher I could connect with from the beginning. Sky Bear‘s not only holding a safe space for you to explore everything you want or need to explore in order to step into your authentic role of a Breathwork facilitator, he’s also genuinely caring about the impact and authentic enrichment we as individuals can bring into the world. This was truly important to me. He sees you as who you are and welcomes all your gifts and unique capabilities. Sharing his wisdom and letting you integrate yours. Up to this day I’m grateful that I’ve experienced the teacher Training with him and our wonderful group. It feels like this journey has only been getting started.”


"This course has truly been an incredible journey into developing my breathwork skills and discipline. The amount of knowledge skybear brought was everything I needed to take me to the next level of facilitation. Breathwork has became a part of my daily practice, and has been insanely transformative. I came to a deep understanding about nervous system regulation healing has so many benifits. So grateful that along the way I get to share this technique with others and watch them have their own sense of transformation."


“This course ignited something in me that had been asleep for quite some time and I don't know what it is.”


“If only i could find the words that describe the pure essence of this course! During our weeks of training i learnt how to better my life, in becoming more present, in showing up for myself each day, and for caring for myself. This course was not only so friendly for my young mind to absorb ..but so content rich that i felt so inspired to practice each day. This course not only gave me the knowledge but also the confidence, to help not only myself but to also now support others on their journey!”



Got a question?

Yes, every training call will be recorded, so if your time zone doesn't match, you can still do the certification course. All recordings will be sent to you after the call for you to watch on your own time per week.
No, because each call is recorded, you can join the live calls that work for your schedule. You will have to watch each recording each week to stay up to date and complete the course.
No, because I can't guarantee that you are watching the videos. There will be a final exam, and this will be the determining factor if you are certified or not.
The final exam will be you guiding a person of your choice through the complete breathwork method and recording it. This recording will be sent to me for examination and completion of certification.
Yes, this will be a small intimate group of 15-20 people, and we will all be connected with accountability partners through the entire training.

The course will begin in early 2024.
Once the group is connected, I will send a survey with multiple options and have the group vote on the preferred day and time.
is there payment plans?
Yes! On the stripe checkout page, under payment options, there will be three options for you to set up payment plans. Each option's availability will depend on your location.
Yes, send me a direct message on Instagram with any additional questions, and I will do my best to respond accordingly.

"Skybear's Breathwork Certification course is unmatched. I looked at so many courses prior to this one and honestly was on the fence. I made my decision to choose this one based on the personable touch that Sky offers and just intuitively felt drawn to this course over the others. I am so glad I listened to my gut because this course brought so much value to not only my Breathwork Facilitation journey, but also allowed me to explore in such deep ways through the in depth details of how to apply this knowledge, work and practice into your own life. This has been incredibly beneficial in my own healing and would have been worth taking the course for just that alone. I highly recommend it."


"This breathwork practice has really brought awareness to my nervous system and how I tend to easily get dysregulated and crave hyper stimulation. I am eternally grateful for this experience to learn and grow along side with each of you! I am so excited to hold space for others to experience healing, transformation, ease and safety. Thank you for holding space for us, Sky Bear. Truly grateful for this opportunity! Thank you!"


"This course has forever changed me. Helped tremendously with my daily habits and rituals as well as my connections to myself and to others. The growth through this course has been beautiful, painful, resistant, explosive, and all around a wonderful experience. Would not change it for the world. Have learned so much about myself, my past, memories, conditionings, and patterns. Feels amazing to be more aware of how I am who I am.  I know so many of y’all share similar experiences and my joy, thank you Bear for helping us get there. I am excited to help share the love through breath. Blessed, grateful, and so so so thankful."


"I really enjoyed this learning journey with Sky Bear and The Breathworks Academy. I like that Sky Bear also shared his own experience and helped make the course relatable to each of us. Even though the course was done virtually, it was seamless as Sky Bear communicates with us in our Telegram chat and also has these videos recorded and available for us to download. The course was very detailed and not only covered the content about breathwork, but also included the works of being a facilitator. I definitely feel well-equipped to hold breathwork sessions for others and will recommend this course!"


"This course has been amazing and rewarding in many ways. It feels good to help and assist others on this journey. I have had really great sessions. Breath work has really changed my life for the better. It has helped immensely with my panic attacks and just my everyday stress. I got more out of this course than I was expecting. This was a great course. I am looking forward to learning more about breathwork and sharing it with others. Thanks again!"


"This breathwork course was such an incredible experience. I learned new things about myself and through lots of exploration I deepened the way I love and trust myself. I’m able to hold my own emotions (but also others’) on a whole new level. What I’m so so very grateful for is that we were guided to move stuff through the body. It’s not just about the mind processing and understanding information but the practice played such a huge role and it helped me tackle some really tough days. This course also reminded me what a gift it is to hold space. I’m positive that what I’ve learned will support me in becoming a much more embodied facilitator. I can’t wait to share this gift with more people.   Thank you Sky Bear, I’m so glad I took the leap."

Vik Unar

"Thank you SkyBear for opening this magical, transforming deep space. I am behond grateful for the opportunity to be on this journey with you."


"Hi friends!  I wanted to give a little testament to what my journey was like during this course.   I committed to this course initially because I was simply curious. I’ve heard/read about the power of breath but had never dove into it myself.   This course seemed to be a great opportunity to dive right in. Coincidentally, when the course started I began the journey to come off my anxiety meds. Breath work has truly been amazing in allowing it to be my comfort in times of anxious thoughts or panic attacks. It’s been challenging for me to get into a daily practice because I think there’s just been a natural resistance to creating a new daily habit.   However, each and every day I’ve made breath work a non-negotiable it’s made my days so peaceful, calm, and allowed me to live in the moment.   Forever grateful to this course, the experience, and the happiness, hope it gave me through you all by knowing and recognizing we are all human, experience similar things and therefore are all connected in a beautiful way.   Much love to you all!"


"Starting this experience I wasn’t sure what to expect or how to feel.   I slowly starting diving into researching breathwork and yoga in the beginning of the year and knew that there was something special about it and my soul longed for.   Sky Bear walked through every step of the way explaining in detail and creating a safe space for all that I will forever be grateful for.   Truly a life changing experience. Being able to move forward in life before seemed really challenging and hard to coup. I am now able to integrate the knowledge, power, and resources, challenges have become less weighted.   Thank you Sky Bear Forever engraved on my soul ✨"


"I woke up, feeling so shitty and I just accepted the fact that it was going to be a bad mental health day. After I did my breath work session this morning it completely flipped my mood and I feel so much better. I love how powerful this is. 💪🏼"


*On my personal experience This training has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my life. I can see a clear “before and after” by integrating this powerful tool in my personal practice. I feel I’ve release trauma and experiences that have been stuck for a long time. I feel lighter and a very different person than I was when I started this training. It’s one of the most powerful tools that I’ve ever experienced in my healing journey. I’m deeply grateful for this experience and continue using the tool for my everyday life.


"Cannot recommend this course highly enough. It has been life changing for me. On a personal level I have accessed a far deeper understanding of myself and been able to release old stories and patterns I have been carrying for years trapped in my body.   Skybear guides you through the course with compassion and encouragement which for me felt so safe. I have gained so much knowledge and I can’t wait to start sharing this magic with others.   Thank you Skybear from the bottom of my heart and looking forward to continuing the journey in your Breathworks Academy school. 🙏🏻✨💗"


“Sky Bear is an amazing teacher! This course is a safe space to learn and a space for transformation to unfold in your life!”


"This course was VERY empowering for me. Skybear created the most powerful and safe container for me to feel empowered to move into my life despite fears. I feel very grateful, in only a matter of weeks I feel a transformation. I feel stronger on many levels. And I now have a practice that I love in my life. I feel myself missing it when I don’t practice breathwork. I can’t wait to share it with others."


"Thank you Sky Bear for the beautiful experience beautiful healing I feel so much peace right now.  The first round of breathing I felt a lot of pain in my lower back that disappeared for the rest of the session.  I loved being trained with Meditation Breathing itself and integration at the end.  More thanks.   Big hug to all.  We are learning and healing.   Remembering and loving me more and more.  ✨✨❤️"